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Logicloop NGO Consultancy is working in field from last 12 years. Since 2009 we are providing NGO Consultancy Services throughout the India. NGOs get free consultancy on call or email, our expert will help them on all their problems.

What is NGO? How to Form/Register NGO? (In Short)

NGO is a short form of "Nongovernmental Organization". Thus NGO is a non-governmental organization and, in its broadest sense, is one that is not directly part of the structure of government. NGOs have developed to emphasize and promote humanitarian issues, development aid and sustainable development.

non-governmental organization (NGO) is a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any form of government. The term normally used to refer to organizations that are not a part of the government and are not conventional for-profit business.

How to form the NGO? As explained above NGO is a category of organisation register for non profit motive. So register Trust, Society, Section 25 Company as NGOs.

Welcome to Logicloop NGO Consultancy

Logicloop NGO Consultancy is having its ngo consultancy office at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. We are providing following NGO Consultancy Services thought out India.

‘Logicloop NGO Consultancy’ has a team of dedicated and well qualified professionals providing the best services in NGO consultancy for your ngo matters -
Registration of NGO, SOCIETY, TRUST, COMPANY, 12A / 80G, FCRA, 35AC
Project Report preparation and Readymade Project Report CD
Documentation service i.e. annual report and Audit report, etc.

Logicloop NGO Consultancy is working to provide technical and legal consultancy services to ngo and corporates. We are leading NGO consultancy fir in India. Our NGO consultnacy experts are very prompt and good educated for provideing NGO consultancy services.

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